Tuesday, September 30, 2014

One of One Experience

            Here at South I've been fortunate enough to have some very memorable experiences. With memorable experiences of course come memorable people. This is currently my second year here at South and in that time span I've already met people that I would call my kin. The friendships made are ones that I definitely couldn't find any place else and honestly I wouldn't even go looking for them anywhere else. In my opinion, college of course is about furthering your education but on the other hand it's a great place to grow and build the person you are while having fun with people who have the same mindsets. I feel that I have found that here at The University of South Alabama. 

            To piggyback on what I said above I also believe that I couldn't find the same hospitality any place else that I have found at South. Just the genuine nice attitude of most people here on campus. The staff is always friendly and the students are always lively with one another even if they don't know each other. This first struck me by surprise when I arrived from on campus from California. Back home we hear about the Southern Hospitality but I didn't know it was this real. I enjoy my time down here just as much as I enjoy my time home.

            Being here at South is very enjoyable. My friends and experiences along with a great education really make me feel like I'm not at "school". I feel like this positive aroma is just one of the great things the University of South Alabama has to offer. Come be apart of it!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Are You Ready for College Yet?

            From my personal experience I would say that there is really no sure way to get ready for college. Making that transition from high school to the big leagues can be a lot more overwhelming than one might expect. You, your parents, and your surrounding peers might have all of these preconceived notions and advice to give about what the "college life" is like. As helpful as they might think they are being, you really won't grasp the concept until you are here. Now as scary as that might sound please don't panic because I do have some positive advice that I believe is the key to your college success. Time and time again I have said it and I will always be a firm believer that time management is the most important thing that you can possess in college. If you lack in this area, now is your time to hone your skills while you're still in high school. 

            Everybody knows that procrastinating is one of the easiest things to do when attempting to finish or even begin a task. I've almost mastered the art of typing a few sentences and then getting lost in social media. I can't tell you enough how imperative it is to use all of your time wisely in college. One thing you'll find out about college is that you'll be twice as busy which means you'll also be twice as tired. Managing every minute effectively so that you can get enough sleep and still have a life is essential. 

            Falling behind early in your freshman year is something that you definitely don't want to do. Your early years in college will dictate your later years in college. Work hard early and get off to a great start means less stress and a lighter work load later. The concept is simple. Practice using your time wisely now while the living is easy!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Strategic Naps

           When I was in high school it was very rare that you would catch me sleeping other than when I'm actually going to sleep for the night. Fast forward a couple of years and it seems as if my sleeping patterns have managed to do a complete 180 degree spin. My past two years in college I've taken more naps than possibly ever before in my entire life. Most people might ask why such the huge increase in sleeping and the answer is actually quite simple. Quite frankly, as a college student you just generally have more time on your hands. Not to mention the fact that your schedule might be hectic, your diet isn't going to be the best, and you'll have a lot of late night socializing with all the excitement of being at a new place. 

            Napping is definitely what I did a lot of my first year in college. I slept a lot but not because I necessarily had free time but because I needed to sleep whenever I could possibly squeeze in the time. My first two semesters were pretty hectic and I found myself being constantly tired. I would try and sleep when I could during the day for a few hours which would result in me being wide awake in the evening and being up all night. Adjusting was tough but I did it. I'd say that time management is one of the biggest success tips for college. So make sure you use your time very wisely.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Great Football Memories

            Growing up I've always had a love for all types of sports. Being that I was rough and aggressive like most boys my age at the time, I was really attracted to the concept of hitting people. Football was always my sport of choice and was what I was most definitely best at. Recess was like the Super Bowl to me in terms of my competition level. Whether or not we had pads on really made no difference to me. I played flag football at a young age and was quite good at it but of course became bored of that very fast. I wanted some contact and was ready to strap on the pads. 

              My first year of organized contact football was at eleven years old. It took months of convincing my mom in order for her to sign me up but like most moms she was just "worried about her baby." Being that I was pretty quick I played the running back position on offense and the safety position on defense. Safety is what I would end up playing in high school and college but my early days of offense were something serious. My first play ever was an eighty-yard touchdown scamper against the Simi Valley Vikings. I remember it like it was just yesterday. It looked like I knew what I was doing on all of my big plays but in reality I was just terrified of being hit. On a side note, I also remember my mother being the loudest one in the whole stadium yelling "YOU BETTER RUN BOY". Fast forward to my junior year of high school playing for the league and city championship game on our home field against our biggest rival. Winner goes to the playoffs. Loser is watching the game from home the next week. Our stadium was packed with near standing room only. Because of three key losses earlier in the season we were a 14-point under dog but of course we came out swinging. My teammates and I had the best game of our lives as we won 34-21 and were crowned champions. The feeling running through your body is ridiculous and I never wanted it to cease. 

            That game and the fact that I only lost 7 games in my high school career were by far my best memories surrounding football. If I had to choose a second place memory it would be signing my letter of intent to go play college ball. Everyone should experience the rush that playing sports gives you. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Great Transition

           It should go without saying that high school and college are two very different areas of life. The transitional period from one to the other can be very frightening and nerve wrecking. On the other hand, the switch can also be very enjoyable and exiting. I would have to say that the change and how you react to it greatly depends on the type of personality you have. Personally, I am very outgoing and like to explore new things so the transition wasn't too difficult and was actually very smooth. Basically, the jump from high school to college is what you make it but there are a few things that are going to be inevitably difficult to adjust to. 

           From the very beginning, the most difficult thing was getting used to the overall size of campus and the number of students. I come from a high school that had almost 4,000 students which I thought was pretty big so to almost quadruple that size is something serious. Fortunately, the majority of students and staff here at South are all very friendly so fitting in shouldn't be a problem. The only other difficult obstacle for me was just simply finding my way around. Between making sure you're on the correct Jag Tran and navigating through campus, it can be a little bit rough for anybody. But with that being said, the right attitude can make all the difference in the world. Give it a week or two and you'll look like you own the place. South Alabama is a very friendly place with great people. The possibilities are endless with a good amount of confidence.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

           The first couple of weeks in college can be a stressful and scary thing for anybody. This is usually even more true when you are not familiar with any faces or don't know many names on campus. With that being said I'd like to introduce myself as somebody you can always holler at on campus. My name is James Turner and I am a second year sociology major here at South. I am also a transfer student from a previous university in Ohio in which I played football. I am from Southern California and still currently live out there when not in school. I enjoy my time away from home very much and couldn't ask for a better place to earn my degree. The city of Mobile and the campus here at South are both diverse and welcoming but still large enough to feel like you have your own independence. 

           With all the new renovations around campus you can always catch me doing something. I'm always either at the Rec Center trying to stay in shape, at the dining hall stuffing my face, or just finding something interesting to do to keep busy which isn't hard at all. I really enjoy South and all it has to offer and I know a lot of incoming students will feel the same way. I work on campus at the Office of New Student Recruitment so I'm here to answers any questions. Don't forget to go to class!