Thursday, April 30, 2015

You Mean You Guys Don't Love Finals?
            Well it seems like it's that wonderful time of year again where we embrace the wonderful week of finals. It seems as if the campus just gets that much happier, the weather brightens up, the birds get to chirping, students are so enthusiastic and professors become nicer. Plot twist: said no one ever. Finals week is one of the most important weeks of the semester that nobody wants to talk about but definitely can't forget. The positive thing about finals is that most people see a dramatic increase in their grade if they do well on their final exams. The negative thing about finals is that most people see a dramatic decrease in their grade if they do poorly on their final exams. I've learned that with finals there is no being on the fence about anything. Despite all the tricks and short cuts people say they have found to work, I've found one solid solution to work every time. STUDY LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW.
            At the end of the day, your grades in school usually boil down to one thing and that's how much effort you're willing to put in. If you want to make really good grades and stay ahead then you will prepare and study a lot! If you still study and only make B's then that's fine too. But either way studying is the trick. No games, no tricks, and no shortcuts just old fashioned face in the books. That is what comes to my mind when I hear the word "finals". Put it this way, if you study a lot you'll be fine and if you don't you'll struggle. The choice is yours. Best of luck either way!


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Rain Rain Go Away
            If the weather here in Mobile had personality traits like a human the first one on the list would be indecisive. Next I would label it bipolar, uneasy, rude, and most definitely confused. Now with all this being said that doesn't mean the weather here is bad it is just different. Of course we all have our weather apps on our phones but in a way it's almost as if you never know what you're going to get throughout the day. The other day campus was soaked with rain but yet just a few hours later I had to change into shorts and t-shirt because the sun came out so strong. The weather is so different to me because I 'm so used to sunny California. Although I don't so much enjoy the rain I respect it and know that we need it. A day where it is raining is a day where I'm not doing anything other than what I have to in terms of productivity.
            Whenever it rains here in Mobile all I can do is pray that I don't have a lot of things to do during that day. When it rains down here it is never just a light drizzle. Campus is so heavily populated with such healthy looking trees and shrubbery due to the heavy amounts of rainfall. On a rainy day here in Mobile I finish whatever needs to be done whether it be class or errands and then just relax the rest of the day. I'll watch my favorite show on Netflix and just hang out with my friends and enjoy some good food. I catch myself quite often saying how much I hate the rain but in reality I only hate it when I'm outside getting wet attempting to go somewhere. I actually enjoy it because it tends to calm me down and enjoy life from a different perspective.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Career Goals
            A man by the name of Mark Twain once said "The two most important days of your life are the day that you're born and the day you find out why." Since I was four years old I've always wanted to help people. My mother frequently jokes on how when I was little she knew that she'd have to pray for me twice as much as my other siblings because she knew whatever I did I would be in harms way. In the city that I grew up in, police officers and fire fighters always grabbed my attention. Since approximately four years old I've wanted to stop bad people from doing things to harm others. Being involved in law enforcement has always been my passion and never really seemed like a job or chore to me. Coming to South has really helped me to pursue my dream. In my two years here at this university I've really been able to see how important an education is to match my drive and passion.

            I am a sophomore/junior student here at South majoring in Sociology with a minor in Criminal Justice. I chose my major for two reasons. I knew that it can cover a broad spectrum in terms of employment. I also am just naturally curious as to why people do the things that they do. Understanding the human mind and behavior is an important aspect in both criminal justice and law enforcement. I also chose sociology because it studies the human mind from a literal and real life standpoint versus psychology which is studying the human brain and mind from a medical explanation viewpoint. Obtaining my degree from South in something that I can actually apply to my career field is really exciting and motivates me more to pursue my career choice. I'm still deciding on whether or not I want to join the military first but regardless of that choice I know my education will make me more competitive.

            When you come to college it is important to know who you are. What do you want out of school? What are your dreams? How can you accomplish your goals? With all of these tangibles in line the formula to being successful is halfway complete. The University of South Alabama is definitely helping me reach my dreams.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Is There Such Thing As Do-Overs?
            One of the major things that I've learned about life is to not take it for granted and don't waste it. Life is about living and learning and so many times we find ourselves saying "I wish I would've done this". At the age of only twenty-years old I've found that to be far too accurate. Here at South, I've enjoyed my time thus far and have accomplished a lot but there is still a thing or two that I would go back and change if possible.
            One of my strongest personality traits is that I can make light out of any situation. I'm a very social person and like to just enjoy life and my surroundings as they come. However, when I came to South it was already my second school and I was in a totally different part of the country. I'm not one to get nervous but I have to admit I was a little shook. In a way I guess you can say I made myself reserved. I wasn't the same person that I knew myself to be. Staying on topic, if I could change one thing or have a do-over I'd go back and not let the brand new environment scare me. I would've branched out more and continued to be the same social and outgoing person I know myself to be.

            Now that I'm in my fourth semester here at South I've definitely been on the scene twice as much. I've joined multiple organizations and have made countless new friends. Everyday has grown to become an adventure for me and I'm excited about what the next two years have in store for me. Come in to college confident and branch out. Being away from home is all about what you make it. Good luck!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

One Word Description
            Regardless of what it may be, describing anything with just one adjective is never easy. It shouldn't be easy actually whether it is something you like or don't like. Most of the time people have more to tell you about. In this case the University of South Alabama is definitely something I like so using one word to tell you guys about it isn't the easiest thing to do.
            When I first got to South I noticed how friendly and excited the people here were. As funny as it may sound I actually thought that the first couple of people that I met were just weird. Then I noticed everybody for the most part was pretty nice. It was definitely a friendly environment. Using just one word to describe South I would have to say that it is energetic. South is so diverse and interesting that you have no choice but to say that it's energetic. Whether it be a sports venue or something that is academic the students and staff are always fired up and passionate about it. It is definitely a boost in terms of being motivated to do well around campus. Also, who wouldn't want to be around positive vibes especially with how unfamiliar coming to college can be at first. Like I said, it definitely makes things that much easier.
            With all the energy and interesting things South has to offer, my learning environment thus far has been very fun. No student wants to be in a dry and boring school. I like how South is passionate and fired up for almost everything that we do. I can see the energy and passion only improving for years to come. I definitely am proud of my choice to attend the University of South Alabama.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

I Think I Can Feel Spring In the Air
            With Spring now here I think it has grown to be one of my favorite seasons next to Summer. I feel like Spring is a time of excitement and anticipation for the great days of Summer. Being from Southern California I really don't get to experience the traditional four seasons that the rest of the country experiences. Where I live it hardly rains, doesn't come close to snow and the leaves definitely don't change colors. Here at South I get to experience all that which is really different and quite interesting.
            One of the things that I like the most about the Spring season here at South is just how you can tell how much everybody's mood changes for the better. After months of being cold and having to pick your shoes and clothing wisely due to the weather, we get to kind of be more free. I feel like good weather is good for the soul. I relate it to a clean room. I tend to just be in an all around better mood when my room is clean as crazy as that sounds. With Spring here, I like the mood that it puts everyone in. People tend to have a much better attitude when the weather is nicer outside. I'm really big on my sneakers and I personally enjoy the fact that I can wear whichever ones I want with the weather. Before I would have to have a winter rotation due to the wet and muddy ground. Like I said earlier, to me Spring is like a little warm up to what Summer has in store.

            Around campus I like the steady increase of campus events. The nicer the weather, the more inclined people are to come out. I've actually met plenty of new people that I've never seen before just because the weather and mood around campus is better. Just the overall atmosphere here at South is what I enjoy most about Spring. It also doesn't hurt that the start of this season means only a few more weeks until the school year is over. But I mean I doubt any college students keep track of that.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

            Should college be mandatory? Does obtaining a bachelor's degree hold as much weight as everybody claims? This seems to be one of the most important questions of our young generation. Personally, I feel like depending on your career goals college can be a hit or miss. If you want to be an investment banker or a person in the medical field then yes, I would definitely recommend college. If you want to pursue a career as an entrepreneur or something along those lines of blue collar then I would say focus on that career. College is really what you make it. Regardless of what paper you have in your hands after four years, if your grind doesn't match up then you're in trouble.
            After spending a couple years in college already I would say that just the experience alone is worth the hard work. After school I wish to pursue a career in law enforcement. Right now my only crossroad is whether or not I want to go federal or local. Being from Southern California, the pay is amazing for a police officer. Some of the men I look up to in this field easily make six figures and pretty much control their job description after a few years of moving up. The men I know have all went to college and do very well. Now somebody in my shoes definitely doesn't need a college degree like other fields but it makes you that much more competitive. My main discrepancy with college is the student loans that a majority of the people have to pay back. Regardless of your job after you graduate, you'll spend the next few years in serious debt. To be honest I feel that college is just an easier path to success, not a for sure one. So many successful people have made it without a degree. With that being said, as I've grown older I find it that a main reason why I decided to stay in school is for my future kids. I want to set an example as the first from my family to graduate. I want them to see me do it and then in turn find their own motivation.
            As I mentioned before, college is what you make it. Your trials and experiences will definitely shape you to be a better person. Think about that as a make or break on the pros and cons list if you ever need some extra motivation.  I love my decision to go and then stay in college. I would definitely urge anyone to attend college and take advantage of an education opportunity. At the end of the day I feel like college is like a good workout, you never hear anyone say "Wow I shouldn't of done that."